Alexandra Leaving

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25 June

I was born in Russia.

I like: people, dogs, cats, books, films, plants, clothes, colour green, fruit, chocolates.

I love making icons from time to time.
Full list of my icons is here.
Any of icons made by me, icluding the ones in the user pictures, are free to share. Crediting is up to you.

If you want to add/remove my LJ to/from your friends list - please do, no need to ask.
If you would like me to add your LJ - please leave me a note in one of my posts.
If I added your LJ - please do not be alarmed, I did it because I found your LJ interesting.

Icon Resources:
acidicicons,amethystia,lorien_maiden,equalize27,colourfilter,magicalicons,twinklebyte,brokenicon,merely_anger,dearestnatangel,noctuidae,neke,honerbright, gypsie_moon, ohfreckle, joyfulsong, endlessdeep,fall_out_girl,wicked_enough, agnikai, http://hybrid-genesis.net/indexxx.html, wizzicons, wizzicons, urbanstrokes, xswaniconsx, pfefferminzchen, evastefania, spiritcoda, kekoah, syliasyliasylia, urbanstrokes, neversince

LJ Header : Dante Gabriel Rossetti. La Pia de' Tolomei, adapted by alexandral

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